I welcome you to join me in this earnest mission

Mission Statement

Single-minded at LoanCheck we are passionately driven to deliver increased success to professionals in both real estate & mortgage lending by building confidence in their clients on a worldwide basis. Our comprehensive loan analysis brings complete transparency and balance to previously unbalanced transactions. We will always strive to accurately project loan closing probabilities, which helps avoid costly delays, financial losses, loan failures, and everyone's heartbreak.

This Mission Statement drives us.  Externally, our mission statement defines how we relate to the consumers we inform, the professionals who connect us to those consumers, and our supporters, people like you!

Internally, it will determine how we hire, form true collaborations, and attain the nearly impossible.

A company without a strong Mission Statement will sooner or later go astray.  We are protective of our Mission Statement. As a supporter, you will expect us to stay on course.

Respectfully yours, 

Thom Hayes 



How You Can Help

GoFundMe and Refer LoanCheck to a Friend in the Market - Buyer, Seller, Agent or MLO

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