Seller’s LoanCheck™


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Real Estate Agents you are pre-purchasing Discounted SLC's before LoanCheck going Live in their markets. Save hundreds for your future Sellers now by Investing in Transparency for Tomorrow. 

Introductory pricing will be $100 / transaction.  Once nationally established Fair Market Pricing models will convert to $1.20 / thousand list price. ($250,000 = $300)   Limit 5 per Agent.  Limited Time Offer. 


Lender's ProReport™


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Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) can save Time & Money by pre-purchasing LoanCheck lender verification now.  You set your place in line. First registered - First Verified in your market. Once LoanCheck Verification™ is done MLOs can share their ProReport with any agent or prospective client.   Introductory Pricing will be $150 annually.   

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