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Four Experts Help Buyers be Confident - Add a New Expert that Informs You!

Filling the Void to bring Real Financial Transparency

Seller’s LoanCheck™

Seller's LoanCheck provides balance in confidence building information.  It's Fair.

Weekly detailed reports on mortgage loan processing progress.  The confidence-to-close scoring model makes simple understanding progress Up or Down.

During beta, a $100 fee paid upon closing. No limit to the number of reports, may swap Lenders or Buyers.  Give simultaneous reporting to Buyers.  LoanCheck a financial advisor Benefiting All. 

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Lenders ProReport™


A detailed six-page report on your financial advisor / Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO).  ProReports provide verified credentials and likely many reasons to feel confident in your choice.  Will be subject to anytime updates.

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Buyer’s LoanCheck™

Buyer's LoanCheck report. Confidence builder for offers given to Home Sellers. Convert free to SLC.

The five-page report builds confidence in the Buyer's mortgage loan by Sellers.   Added LC-Certificate™ gives Sellers free LoanCheck reporting until closing - as long as your Offer-To-Purchase is accepted.  The financial advisor for Both Sides.

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