We Serve All Parties in the Transaction


Home Sellers

We want to build in a new affordable option to "Inspect the Loan",  thereby  balancing the transaction. Buyers inspect your home from Top to Basement to feel confident.  It is fair you should feel confident they can hold up their part of the bargain

LoanCheck reports will reduce potential costs due to delays or reduction in home value due to deal failure, then having to reignite market interest by Lowering the List Price. 


Home Buyers

It is hard to buy a home. Hard to qualify, hard to get sellers to accept your offers.  Once accepted it is still not a "Cake Walk" to the closing.  LoanCheck can give you confidence by providing independent analysis of lender credentials, accurate loan processing progress reports, everything that can point out areas or actions needed to bring about more on-time closings. 


Real Estate Agents

Give customers an additional reason to sell their home through you.  LoanCheck is unavailable to FSBOs.  In addition LC-Verification of your lending partners, provide in-depth reasoning as to why you recommend who you recommend.  Lean on our expertise. 


Mortgage Loan Originators

Build trust and referrals based on virtue and experience.  The business of lending is not simple, LoanCheck knows that and can highlight the value of your experience and control of outcomes.   LoanCheck does not support the idea mortgages are a commodity and neither should you. Let us help you show off your best traits.   


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